LexADV download

LexADV modules can be downloaded from this page. Click library name link to move library info & download page.

library namelatest versionsummary
LexADV_TryDDM 0.1b linear equation solver library using the domain decomposition method.
LexADV_VSCG 0.2b offline rendering library for large scale image.
LexADV_WOVis 0.5b parallel offline surface rendering tool.
LexADV_EMPS 0.1.2b the explicit MPS (moving particle simulation) method solver.
LexADV_AutoMT 0.1b A library for matrix and tensor operations.
LexADV_OmniEyes 1.0 Pseudo 3D visualization tool with omni-eye-position image files.