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LexADV_WoVis can be downloaded from this page.

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Parallel offline surface rendering tool.
Download ver.0.5b / released: 2017/02/22
Download ver.0.4b / released: 2015/02/27
LexADV_WOVis has the following features.
  • LexADV_WOVis supports the surface rendering.
  • LexADV_WOVis supports the input and output files of ADVENTURE_Solid (AdvSolid) and ADVENTURECluster.
  • LexADV_WOVis uses the ADVENTURE_IO (AdvIO) library for reading input data.
  • LexADV_WOVis uses the Versatile Scientific Computer Graphics (VSCG) library for the software rendering.
  • LexADV_WOVis uses the AutoNOSim library for parallel processing. AutoNOSim is pronounced as “o-ta-no-shi-mi”.
  • LexADV_WOVis is written by C language.
  • LexADV_WOVis uses the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library for parallel data processing.
2017/02/22 : Version 0.5b was released.
  • Added "-omniview" option to generate omni-eye-position image files.
2015/02/27 : Version 0.4b was released.
  • Added functions to draw cross sections based on AutoGL
  • Fixed minor bugs
2015/02/17 : Version 0.3b was released.
  • Support multi-materials
  • Added functions to draw wire mesh in VSCG
  • Fixed minor bugs
2014/10/10 : Version 0.2b was released.
  • Improved parallel performance in image assembly
  • Added function to print FPS information
  • Fixed minor bugs