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LexADV_TryDDM can be downloaded from this page.

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Linear equation solver using the domain decomposition method.
Download ver.0.1b / released: 2014/03/24
LexADV_TryDDM has the following features.
  • LexADV_TryDDM solves the linear equation using the domain decomposition method.
  • LexADV_TryDDM supports the Compressed Sparse Row (CSR) format for the coefficient matrix.
  • LexADV_TryDDM supports the dense vector for the right-hand-side.
  • LexADV_TryDDM supports domain-decomposed mesh data by the ADVENTURE_Metis.
  • LexADV_TryDDM uses the ADVENTURE_IO (AdvIO) library for reading input data.
  • LexADV_TryDDM uses the MUMPS library for constructing the Schur complement equation.
  • LexADV_TryDDM uses the Lis library for solving the Schur complement equation.
  • LexADV_TryDDM is written by C language.
  • LexADV_TryDDM uses the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library for parallel processing.