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Explicit MPS (moving particle simulation) solver framework.
Download ver.0.1.2b / released: 2014/12/01
LexADV_EMPS has the following features.
  • LexADV_EMPS solves the explicit MPS (moving particle simulation) method.
  • LexADV_EMPS supports two level domain decomposition.
  • LexADV_EMPS supports dynamic load balance.
  • LexADV_EMPS supports halo exchange (communication among nodes).
  • LexADV_EMPS supports high order polynomial approximation.
  • LexADV_EMPS supports interaction functions between fluid and rigid bodies.
  • LexADV_EMPS uses the ADVENTURE_IO (AdvIO) library for reading input data.
  • LexADV_EMPS uses the ParMETIS library for domain decomposition.
  • LexADV_EMPS is written by C language.
  • LexADV_EMPS uses the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library for parallel processing.

2014/12/01 : Version 0.1.2b was released.
  • Modified symbol for kinematic viscocity "NW" -> "KinematicViscosity" in "mps_define.h".
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
2014/11/11 : Version 0.1.1b was released.
  • Modified some initial configurations of build and sample run scripts.