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Licensing Agreement
        LexADV/ADVENTURE System
        Copyright (C) 2014 HDDMPPS, All Rights Reserved.
        Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
        a copy of this software, associated documentation and/or image files
        "(\"Software\"), to use, modify and/or merge the Software.
	The Software is strictly prohibited to use for any utilization of designing,
	producing and controlling any devices or equipments which might cause
	significant danger to human lives, bodies and properties. The Software is
	also prohibited to use for developing weapons and by any other military
	When redistributing any part of the Software in any manner, a request for
	permission must be sent to adv-contact\

        The Software is provided \"as is\", without warranty of any kind.  In no event
        shall the Author, the ADVENTURE project, University of Tokyo, JSPS
        be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether arising from
        or in connection with the Software.
        The fact of utilization of the Software must be explicitly
        mentioned in the documentation to be provided and within the comments of
        the user code for the use of any part of the Software provided.

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