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Collaborative Research

Main Collabolative Projects

Posk-K project: Priority Issue 06 - Accelerated Development of Innovative Clean Energy Systems

JST CREST "Development of a Numerical Library based on Heirarchical Domain Decomposition for Post Petascale Simulation"


Pantheon mesh


Reference installation/runtime environment for ADVENTURE modules is Ubuntu Linux on Intel's x86/x64 machines. Other Linux distributions(RedHat/SuSE/etc.) are also recommended.
For each module you want, click a corresponding link and go to the download page.
If you are new to this download page, go to the sign up page after clicking a link of the module you want.

Prohibited Usage

User shall not make use of the ADVENTURE system for the purpose set forth in each of the following :

  1. Use such as to design, manufacture and control equipment that could pose significant risk to human life or property of the people.
  2. Use in the development of weapons and other military purposes.

Core Modules

No. Module name Version Updated Manual Function
1ADVENTURE_Solid Ver1.2205/Nov/2020Japanese/English Static elastic / elastic-plastic / large deformation stress analysis
Ver2.1127/Nov/2020 -- Static elastic / elastic-plastic / dynamic elastic / large deformation stress analysis
2ADVENTURE_Metis Ver1.117/Feb/2006Japanese/English Domain decomposition of mesh into single / two layer subdomain
3ADVENTURE_IO Ver1.2110/Oct/2019Japanese/English I/O format and libraries for ADVENTURE modules
4ADVENTURE_TriPatch Ver1.820/Jun/2003Japanese/English Automatic generation of triangular surface patches from a solid model with an IGES format
5ADVENTURE_BCtool ver.2 Ver2.1.125/Aug/2020Japanese/English Attachment of boundary conditions and material properties onto mesh
6ADVENTURE_POSTtool Ver1.02/Nov/2016Japanese/English Parallel visualization, i.e. deformation, contours on surfaces and cross sections
7ADVENTURE_TetMesh beta-0.9105/Oct/2005Japanese/English Automatic generation of tetrahedral mesh mesh from triangular surface patches
*Base Source Package Ver 2.210/Aug/2012--- All archives (core modules)
*ADVENTURE_on_Windows beta-0.4316/Mar/2018Japanese/English A one cpu Windows version of ADVENTURE modules including ADVENTURE_Solid and related modules.
*ADVENTURE_Magnetic_on_Windows beta-0.310/Oct/2019Japanese/English A one cpu Windows version of ADVENTURE modules including ADVENTURE_Magnetic and related modules.
*1CD-ADVENTURE Ver1.0109/Feb/2011Japanese/English ADVENTURE system on 1CD Linux.

Supplementary Modules

No. Module name Version Updated Manual Function
1ADVENTURE_Fluid beta-0.4118/May/2005Japanese/English Incompressible thermal fluid analysis
2ADVENTURE_Impact beta-0.8328/Apr/2004Japanese/English Explicit dynamic elastic analysis with contact
3ADVENTURE_Magnetic Ver1.9.1 03/Dec/2021Japanese/English Linear eddy current / nonlinear eddy current / nonlinear magnetostatic analysis
4ADVENTURE_FullWave Ver beta-0.11 25/Dec/2019Japanese High frequency electromagnetic analysis
5ADVENTURE_Forge beta-0408/Mar/2002Japanese Rigid-plastic analysis considering contact and friction between a billet and dies
6ADVENTURE_Thermal 2.005/Nov/2020Japanese/English Steady / non-steady heat conductive analysis in solid
7ADVENTURE_Shape beta-0.1127/Sep/2002Japanese/English Nonparametric shape optimization / topology optimization
8ADVENTURE_Opt beta-0.101/Mar/2002Japanese Parametric optimization
9ADVENTURE_CAD beta-0.1125/Dec/2019English Automatic modeling of polygon-based solid model
10ADVENTURE_Auto beta-0.1103/Oct/2005English Utilities to enable fully automated FE analysis in a batch mode
11ADVENTURE_iAgent beta-0.4208/Jul/2005Japanese/English Integrated user support, i.e. generation of operation plan
12ADVENTURE_Material beta-0.801/Mar/2002English Identify material parameters of constitutive equation from experimental data sets
13ADVENTURE_FEMAPtool Ver 1.231/Jul/2007Japanese Data converter from NASTRAN mesh to ADVENTURE mesh, from ADVENTURE result to FEMAP result
14ADVENTURE_sFlow 1.001/Apr/2015Japanese Stationary and NonStationary incompressible viscous flow analysis.
15ADVENTURE_DecisionMaker Ver 1.018/Jul/2008Japanese/English The purpose of this module is to support the user in making decisions by permitting multi-dimensional visualization of optimized calculation results.
16ADVENTURE_Mates Ver 0.5b28/Nov/2014Japanese City-scale traffic simulator using multi-agent system.
17ADVENTURE_Sound Ver 0.2b10/Oct/2019Japanese Steady / Non-steady Sound Analysis.
18ADVENTURE_BCtool Ver1.0208/Nov/2002Japanese/English Attachment of boundary conditions and material properties onto mesh
19ADVENTURE_Visual Ver1.005/Mar/2002Japanese/English Parallel visualization, i.e. deformation, contours on surfaces and cross sections

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